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We are open and offering safe, on-campus tours all summer!  联系 招生 directly to schedule:

239-793-1986 ext. 2913/

At the core of Seacrest Country Day School is a powerful community dedicated to personal growth and preparation. We encourage our students to take risks, to be curious, to develop passions, to experiment and to take steps to reach their goals, all the while preparing them not just for college, but for their career and for life.

Students are held to a high standard of responsibility for their work and actions. Our students are empowered to make change and own their experience here. They start clubs, design courses, intern, serve their community, develop strong and collaborative relationships with teachers and peers, and they thrive. Whether students are testing the water quality of the lake on campus, exploring our natural preserve, gardening in one of our three on-campus gardens, or interning with a neurosurgeon or an engineer, students are given every opportunity to learn beyond our classroom walls.

Seacrest is unique and special, and finding the right school for your child is a big decision. It is an appreciation for our mission that makes a family a good fit for our community. 亲s, coaches, administration and faculty are partners in challenging, guiding and preparing our students. This exciting time for you and your family is a journey of discovery. We invite you to learn about our outstanding faculty, signature academic and co-curricular programs, and life as a Stingray by exploring our website and following us on social media. The best way to truly see what we are all about is to visit our campus by scheduling a tour.

We look forward to sharing our community with you!